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05/04/14  CHI’14 Workshop was useful
02/17/14  CHI’14 Workshop paper accepted!
02/15/14  CSCW’14 SVing was a lot of fun!
02/01/14  CHI’14 looking forward to SV!
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Gaurav Paruthi

I am a Ph.D student at the School of Information, University of Michigan. I enjoy working in the areas of Human Computer Interaction, Social Computing and Data Mining. To diversify my knowledge, I have associated myself with research labs Microsoft Research India, Yahoo! Research and elab, INSEAD.



Personalized and Contextualized Behavior Change

Users’ lifestyle, activities, sleep and work patterns are valuable information contained in the fine-grained sensor data collected from personal devices. The increasing use of wearables in the society enables this data to be collected from a diverse population, varying in physical, cultural and social characteristics. Furthermore, analysis of an individual’s habits, lifestyles, wellness goals and their achievements and failures allow interventions that are personalized to the needs of the individual. Personalization of health-care by being sensitive to users’ medical, biological, cultural and socio-economic characteristics could bring great benefit to the society. Building recommender systems that are designed to support this, is a step in that direction.
CHI’14 Workshop Paper



Community displays facilitate interaction and increase awareness in collocated communities. In this work, we designed and developed a community driven proactive display system that detects the nearby users and allow its users to personalize content for the display. We have used findings from existing literature to create a community display system that is well-suited for an existing student community. Moreover, we expand the design space for proactive community displays to reduce the burden of updating content, provide greater realtime control, and allow greater exploration of community content and community members.


Interactive DVD as a Platform for Education

While many technologies remain out-of-reach for households in the developing world, one exception to this rule is that of entertainment technologies. Even in poor communities, there is a strong drive to own devices such as TVs and, increasingly, DVD players. Though they are typically used for video content, ordinary DVD players also support rich interactivity and programmability. We have leveraged these capabilities to support interactive applications – such as encyclopedias, language tutoring, and medical decision systems – without any dependence on a computer.
ICTD 2010
CHI 11 (Honorable Mention)



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