I am Gaurav Paruthi, a design technologist with a broad and extensive product design experience.

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I have 8 years of academic and 3 years of professional experience in designing and building systems that demonstrate product innovation. Having a deep understanding of how technologies work allow me to conceptualize, engineer, and evaluate systems with real-world applications.

My professional experience was at IDEO Colab, Microsoft Research, Xerox PARC, and Telefonica Research. I led projects in collaborative environments towards solving hard problems. My experience as a startup cofounder helped me to gain a holistic understanding of product development. I learnt how market trends can affect product adoption even when the underlying technology is robust.

My Ph.D. research provides design principles for building intelligent systems for behavior change. I was advised by Mark Newman and worked with Pedja Klasnja. I used qualitative methods to study complex human behavior, and iteratively developed novel systems to articulate unexplored design space.